The IOLC is established under Joint Development Projects, LLC, as a 501(c)6 Agreement in the United States and will operate as a lean enterprise, defining a Minimum Viable Product, testing it in the marketplace, and continuously refining it based on feedback and data.

The Founding Board Members and Executive Director are responsible for governing the IOLC. Working Committees will formed to study three specific areas. Contributing Members assist in furthering the IOLC’s mission as needed.

Executive Director
Ed Steidl, Microsoft

Support Functions


& Accounting


& PR

Steering Group

Work Streams

Job Roles & Skills

Curriculum Review

Learning Outcome Assessment & Evaluation

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Some of the brightest minds in business today have signed on to this mission, and only by sharing our collective knowledge in order to Create The Learning Engine of The Future, will we be able to create an ongoing source of qualified candidates for the technical jobs arena.

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