The IOLC was created as a forum for collaboration among stakeholders to address the technical skills gap in the workplace. Our group seeks to accelerate the development, adoption, and widespread use of the Internet for technology skills acquisition, and thus provide a steady stream of job-ready workers to fuel the Global economy.

The IOLC’s Founding Members are prominent leaders from the most respected corporations in the world. They guide all IOLC work streams and develop all IOLC processes.

Contributing Members from a wide array of arenas including industry, government agencies, academia, non-profits and content publishers are welcome to join our ranks. We welcome organizations who would like to join as steering group members.

Become Part of The Solution

Some of the brightest minds in business today have signed on to this mission, and only by sharing our collective knowledge in order to Create The Learning Engine of The Future, will we be able to create an ongoing source of qualified candidates for the technical jobs arena.

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Consortium Members

Steering Group members contribute to committee efforts:

  • Collaborating with IOLC members to build a multi-sided network, anchored on skills maps curricula that will increase job marketplace efficiencies.
  • Submitting curricula for review, and assigning Subject Matter Experts to review curricula.
  • Placing IOLC branded endorsement on curricula and on job-descriptions.
  • Interviewing, hiring and promoting learners who complete IOLC-endorsed curricula.
  • Sharing anonymized data and evidence of learning outcomes.
  • Conducting longitudinal studies on the impact-endorsed curricula have on your workforce.

Organizations who join as Steering Group members may assign a representative to the consortium’s board of directors, may chair committees, and may assign participants to all work streams.

Any interested organization may also become a Contributing Member. Contributing Members may assign observers to all work streams, and may apply to participate in work groups.