The IOLC Committee Members will come from within the corporate ranks of our Steering Committee as well as the wider world. Their purpose is to engage in working collaboratively on a focused set of work-streams, which will result in work-ready technical employees that will ultimately be hired by our member organizations.

Committees and their responsibilities are as follows:

The Job Roles Working Group conducts data-driven analyses of skills clusters and critical roles. It identifies and publishes job role descriptions and skills maps, along with supporting data.

Job Roles Working Group
Curriculum Working Group

The Curriculum Working Group solicits and reviews submissions from IOLC members based on guidelines it establishes. The committee may award a reviewed curriculum a branded IOLC endorsement.

The Learning Analytics Working Group defines data to be collected and shared for evidence of learning. The IOLC then makes this data available for review and further analysis. The IOLC will request anonymized data from members who distribute branded curriculum.

Learning Analytics Working Group

The network effect of the collaborative efforts of all IOLC members will help us reach our goal of Creating the Learning Engine of the Future.

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Some of the brightest minds in business today have signed on to this mission, and only by sharing our collective knowledge in order to Create The Learning Engine of The Future, will we be able to create an ongoing source of qualified candidates for the technical jobs arena.

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