Our Mission

A Lofty Mission, A Motivational Goal

The Mission:  Through the collaborative efforts of IOLC members, we will increase the availability and effectiveness of curricula with learning outcomes that will ensure readiness for in-demand professional roles that require technical skills.

The Vision:  The global economy benefits from a steady flow of individuals with current, job-ready technical skills who contribute to innovation and growth in all industries and digitally-intensive professions

The Strategy:  Establish a process for creating job skills maps, evaluating and endorsing curricula, and tracking outcomes.

The IOLC is the premiere industry-led institution comprised of members who are the respected leaders in the technical world. These leaders are entrenched in the challenges facing the workplace every day, and bring a unique perspective to the task of effectively solving the job market puzzle. They are committed to bringing industry together to build a learning network to solve the technical skills gap. They are working together to provide a win for employees, job seekers and employers alike. Download the Internet of Learning Consortium  whitepaper to learn more.

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