The IOLC was created as a forum for collaboration among stakeholders to address the technical skills gap in the workplace. Our group seeks to accelerate the development, adoption, and widespread use of the Internet for technology skills acquisition, and thus provide a steady stream of job-ready workers to fuel the Global economy.

IOLC: Running Lean

The IOLC operates as a lean enterprise, defining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), testing it in the marketplace, and continuously refining it based on feedback and data.


The to-be-defined Minimum Viable Product could include the following:

  • Definitions of job roles and skills maps, backed by data.
  • Independent reviews of curricula that teach the skills mapped to job roles.
  • IOLC Branded endorsement of curricula.
  • Evidence of learning outcomes and workforce contributions, via anonymized data, to inform future curricula reviews.

Our KPIs

Key performance indicators include the following metrics:

  • Number of major job families identified and skills maps completed.
  • Number of curricula endorsed.
  • Number of learners who consume the endorsed curricula.
  • Number of learners who land jobs as a result of obtaining technical skills through the curricula.
  • Number of consortium members and other organizations that hire and advance those learners.
Creating a Network Effect